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Integrative & Holistic Bodywork

This style of bodywork involves massage techniques and incorporates dialogue to help you pay attention to and work with the sensations themselves. This holistic approach often teaches us why the tension is there, and how to help it release. Sometimes feelings come up, and if that happens, we just welcome them and listen for what your system is trying to tell you. The intent is not to force verbal processing, but simply to have an additional tool to address deeper emotional and mental patterns that are embedded in the body that may organically arise in response to the bodywork.

Working at your pace and within your comfort zone, this approach supports greater self-awareness and leads to deeper understanding of, and relief from, chronic pain and tension, postural issues and movement limitations.



When it comes to bodywork and coaching, I have a simple philosophy: You are whole; emotional, psychological, and physical pain are all connected, and can be accessed, somatically, through the body. You might come to my studio because you are struggling with physical pain from injury or repetitive stress, tight muscles or reduced range of motion. With traditional massage technique I can help relieve your symptoms, especially if they are related to a recent injury, which is important when you are in pain. However, my 20+ years of experience practicing bodywork have shown me that if you are experiencing chronic pain or discomfort, the effects of traditional massage often won’t last long. For chronic conditions starting with massage is great, but for more enduring change it  is necessary to address the underlying causes of the deeper emotional or physical holding patterns. When you have painful experiences and don’t process them fully, they leave their mark on your mind and body. The residue left behind by these experiences is often unconscious, and over time manifests in physical symptoms. Your mind and body literally become out of sync with each other, with separate agendas. Motion Massage helps you listen to and learn the language of your body, so your body and mind can be brought back into alignment and you can experience ease and flow in your mental, emotional, and physical experience. Through working with me, you learn about how guarding to avoid emotional pain is connected with your physical pain. You gain new skills that make it easier to consciously and gently stay with discomfort so that you can unravel holding patterns. You cultivate inner resources that allow you more creative ways to deal with difficult situations. You come to understand how to go deeper than just wanting the pain to go away, and instead learn how to use physical pain as a doorway to letting go of underlying defense mechanisms. And ultimately, that is the whole point of my work: By approaching the scary, wounded places inside patiently and gently, you slowly increase the ability to be with discomfort, especially when you want to run from it. This, in turn, grants you the ability to learn about the underlying causes of the pain and to become adept at allowing creative resources to present themselves. The result is that you experience more aliveness, spontaneity, and authenticity. Together we will create a space for you to settle into where you can bring awareness to your experience, increase you capacity to feel, and utilize your insights to move through the world with more health and resiliency!

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